ПРОШУ ПОМОЧЬ $$$ 31How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?:A) 9.B) 10.C) 12.D


ПРОШУ ПОМОЧЬ $$$ 31How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?:A) 9.B) 10.C) 12.D) 16.E) 14.$$$ 32Union Jack is the name of the English ______:A) Street.B) Museum.C) King.D) Flag.E) Hero.$$$ 33London is the capital of _____:A) Great Britain.B) Scotland.C) Wales.D) Northern Ireland.E) USA.$$$ 3415.000 students … in our University.:A) Teach.B) Taught.C) Are taught.D) Were teaching.E) Has been taught.$$$ 35Find the sentences in Passive Voice:A) The house was built by foreigners.B) The phone has rung twice in 2 minutes.C) I am asked about conference.D) Students are attending to the forum.E) My friends will spend their vacation in Europe.F) London is the capital of Great Britain.$$$ 36What is English for (кататься на коньках/коньки тебу)?:A) To skate.B) To ski.C) To go swimming.D) To go mountaineering.E) To go skating.F) To go fishing.$$$ 37What is English for (играть футбол/футбол ойнау)?:A) To play hockey.B) To play tennis.C) To play soccer.D) To play badminton.E) To play football.F) To go cycling.$$$ 38He …………(run) away when he………….(see) me:A) Run/saw.B) Runs/see.C) Ran/saw.D) Was running/saw.E) Ran/will see.F) Run/sees.$$$ 39He…… (say) that he…..(be)here: A) Says/is.B) Say/been.C) Said/was.D) Said/were.E) Says/was.F) Second.$$$ 40What is English for (загородом/қала сыртында)?:A) In the city.B) In the town.C) Out of town.D) In the country.E) Centre of the country.F) Village.$$$ 41I (вынужден/мәжбүр болу) stay at home today:A) Must.B) Can.C) May.D) Could.E) Have to.F) To be able to.$$$ 42We are having (замечательный/тамаша) weather just now:A) Different.B) Wonderful.C) Convenient.D) Remarkable.E) Masterpiece.F) Outstanding.$$$ 43The meaning of the verb to get:A) Получать/Алу.B) Добираться/Жету.C) Вставать/Тұру.D) Ехать/Бару.E) Присоединяться/Қосылу.F) Встречаться/Кездесу.$$$ 44The meaning of the verb to join:A) Ехать/Бару.B) Присоединяться/Қосылу.C) Встречаться/Кездесу.D) Вступать/Қосылу.E) Добираться/Жету.F) Получать/Алу.$$$ 45Suddenly she…… (give) a loud scream and ……(fall) to the ground .A) Gives/fell.B) Gave/ had fallen.C) Has given/fell.D) Gave/fell.E) Give/falls.F) Is giving/is falling.$$$ 46My teacher was sure that I had passed an exam.A) Were/ had passed.B) Was/had passed.C) Was/will pass.D) Is/will pass.E) Was/passed.F) Was/will pass.$$$ 47The Parliament of RK consist of two chambers:A) The House of Representatives.B) The Congress.C) The Senate.D) The Government.E) The Mazhilis.F) Political parties.$$$ 48What is English for (известный/әйгілі)?:A) Exhibit.B) Event.C) Famous.D) Historical.E) Magnificent.F) Well-known.$$$ 49I………… (to be) so tired that I …………..(can) not walk.A) Were/can.B) Was/can.C) Am/could.D) Am/can.E) will be/could.F) Was/could.$$$ 50I never…….. (understand) why he ………(behave) like this.A) Understood/behavesB) Have understood/behaved.C) Had understood/will behave .D) Understood/behaved.E) Understands/behaved.F) Understanding/behaving.$$$ 51He……..(order) his secretary to note down what he……..(dictate).A) Ordered/dictated.B) Ordered/is dictating.C) Ordered/will dictate.D) Orders/would dictate.E) Orders/dictates.F) Is ordering/ to dictate.$$$ 52We…… (reach) the office when the boss ……..(leave)for Delhi.A) Was reaching/was leaving.B) Were reaching/was leaving.C) Were reaching/were leaving.D) Had reached/left.E) Had reached/will leave.F) Reaches/leaves.$$$ 53He……. (walk) as if he …………….(be) lame.A) Walked/was.B) Walked/will be.C) Will walk/was.D) Were walking/were.E) Was walking/was.F) Walk/were.$$$ 54I…… (leave) the place only when you…….(come) back.A) Will leave.B) Leaves.C) Comes.D) Has left.E) Come.F) Will come.$$$ 55The river Thames divides London into two large parts:A) The City.B) The West End.C) Westminster.D) The East End.E) The British Government.F) The Houses of Parliament.$$$ 56The principal rivers of the USA:A) The Arkansas.B) The Potomac.C) The Mississippi.D) The Wabash.E) The Hudson.F) Missouri.$$$ 57We can combine what with _____ to begin questions:A) Adjectives.B) Noun.C) Adverbs.D) Much.E) Many.F) Kind of/sort of/type of.$$$ 58We can use both _____ and _____ to talk about plans in the future:A) Am/is/are going to+infinitive.B) Was/were going to+infinitive.C) The present simple.D) The present continuous.E) Past simple.F) Past continuous.$$$ 59We use used to+infinitive to talk about _____:A) Past states. B) Past actions that happened once.C) Facts or things that always happen.D) Past actions that happened many times.E) Continuing actions.F) Plans in the future.​








A)Great Britain


D)Were teaching


A) The house was built by foreigners


B)To ski


E)To play football


D)Was running/saw




C)Out of town


E)Have to












C), E)

























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